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Take a look over the Ceremonial events that occur during the Langholm Common Riding.

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Programme of Events

5:00am Langholm Flute Band

Perambulates the town

6:30am Hound Trails (Guarded)

Sponsored by the family of the late Mr. J. Murray Collins and Ex-Cornet Ronnie Hudson
Arkleton Challenge Cup, Holmwood Cup and £500
(The Perpetual Challenge Cup donated by the late Walter Scott-Elliot)

First, Challenge Cup, Holmwood Cup and £300;
Second £100; Third £50; Fourth £25; Fifth £15; Sixth, £10
First six hounds home will receive rosettes.

Prize for 1st maiden home donated by Gillian Paterson

Hounds meet at Collins’ Turn at 6.25am, to be checked by the Hound Trail Secretary.
Hounds slipped at 6.30am.
Admission £2
Free Car Park at Hillhead
Bookmakers’ Stances £5 each (pitches to be allocated by Hound Trail Secretary)

8:15am Presentation of Hound Trail Cups

At Town Hall presented by Mr. Kevin Knott

8:30am Assembly of Horsemen

Additionally, presentation of the Town’s Standard to the Cornet by the Chief Magistrate at the Town Hall.
The procession, led by the Town Band, then proceeds by way of the High Street and Thomas Telford Road, round the Buccleuch Square Pump then back by the same route to Townfoot and then to the Market Place.

9:00am First Fair Crying

Proclamation of Langholm Fair and Common Riding
Held the day after the Summer or Lamb Fair in July annually

The first thing that I am going to acquaint you with are the names
of the Portioners’ Grounds of Langholm from whence their services are from.  
Now, Gentlemen, we’re gan’ frae the Toun
An’  first of a’ the Kil’ Green we gan’ roun’
It is an ancient place where clay is got
And it belongs tae us by Right and Lot;
And frae there the Lang-Wood we gan’ throu’
Where every ane may breckons cut an’ pu’
And last of a’ we to the Moss do steer,
To see gif a’ oor Marches they be clear;
And when unto the Castle Craigs we come,
I’ll cry the Langholm Fair and then we’ll beat the drum

Now, Gentlemen what you have heard this day concerning going roond oor Marches, it is expec

9:10am The Cornet Leads his supporters to the Hill

Carry out the exhortations of the Fair Crier, the route being by way of Whita Yett to the Castle Craigs, where the Fair is cried, and refreshments, consisting of barley bannocks and saut herrin, etc., etc., are provided; thence by way of the Monument and Whita Well to Mount Hooley.

10:15am The Town Band assembles at Townfoot Gardens

Joined by the bearers of the Thistle and Floral Crown.
From Townfoot they proceed to Mount Hooley to meet thehorsemen returning from the Hill.

10:15am Children assemble at Mount Hooley with Heather Besoms

Each child receives a special Common Riding Coin at the Castleholm
Langholm Pipe Band joins Procession
The Procession being reformed and joined by the Children carrying Heather Besoms, proceeds to Townhead, back to Townfoot, then to the Market Place.

11:00am Second Fair Crying

Now, Gentlemen, we have gane roun’ oor hill,
So now I think it’s right we had oor fill;
Of guid strong punch – ‘twould mak’ us a’ to sing,
Because this day we have dune a guid thing;     
For gangin’ roun’ oor hill we think nae shame,
Because frae it oor peats and flacks come hame;
So now I will conclude and sae nae mair,
And gin ye’re a’ pleased I’ll cry the Langholm Fair.
Hoys, Yes! that’s ae time! Hoys, Yes! That’s twae times!!
Hoys, Yes! that’s the third and the last time!!!

That there is a muckle Fair to be hadden in the muckle Toun o’ the Langholm, on the 15th day of July, auld style, upon His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch’s Merk Land, for the space of eight days and upwards; and a’ land-loupers, and dub-scoupers, and gae-by the-gate swingers, that come here to breed hurdums or durdums, huliments or buliments, hagglements or bragglements, or to molest this public Fair, they shall be ta’en by order of the Bailie and Toun Council, and their lugs be nailed to the Tron wi’ a twalpenny nail; and they shall sit doun on their bare knees and pray seven times for the King and thrice for the Muckle Laird o’ Ralton, and pay a groat to me, Jamie Fergusson, Bailie o’ the aforesaid Manor, and I’ll away hame and hae a bannock and a saut herring’ to my denner by way o’ auld style.
After the playing of  “Auld Lang Syne” by the Band, the Procession now proceeds by way of Kirkwynd, Drove Road and Bar Brae to the Kilngreen, where sods are cut and turned.

11:55am The Cornet’s Chase on the Castleholm

7:15pm Dancing on the Castleholm

Music by Langholm Town Band
Silver Collection

9:15pm The Closing Ceremonies

The appearance of the Cornet and his Right and Left-Hand Men, fully mounted, at the Castleholm, at approximately 8.45 p.m., heralds the approach of the Closing Ceremonies. The last dance is proclaimed, and the Band then makes its way to the Lodge Gates. Here they form up, and with the Emblems of the morning’s proceedings, the Cornet and his two supporters, and a great following of lads and lasses, set off on the march to the town to the strains of “Auld Lang Syne”. A halt is called on the Kilngreen for a Polka, then on again to the Crown Hotel, another Polka, and the march is resumed to the Townfoot where a final Polka takes place. Back again come the processionists to the Town Hall where the Officiating Magistrate is waiting. Taking again the custody of the Flag, he thanks the Cornet and calls for three cheers, and with a verse of “Auld Lang Syne”, which is played by the Band and joined in by the company, the day’s proceedings are brought to a close.
“Should auld acquaintance be forgot.
And never brought to min’ ?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot.
And the days o’ auld lang syne”.

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